Tiny Tikes Day Care

Tiny Tikes Day Care is a licensed childcare center and pre-school program in Trenton, Maine

Our “Core” Values

We have many principals we teach at Tiny Tikes Day Care. The first five of our core values are; Honesty, Patience, Self-Control, Forgiveness & Respect. We have an apple tree painting with these words on it as well as other teaching tools.

There are so many opportunities throughout our Day Care day to teach these concepts. One of the teachers’ favorite techniques is to teach through role play! The kiddos love to watch us “act out” situations of misbehavior examples. It’s hilarious to them and learning through fun is super important! We love seeing the progress made by showing our humble side.

Our “Core” Values


Our daycare kiddos learn how to tell the truth and what the importance of being honest is in daily life. We explain why we as people are naturally afraid sometimes to tell the truth and how to trust ourselves to do the right thing!


At a young age learning the meaning of patience is an amazing attribute to have! What a wonderful sight it is to see little children wait sweetly for a snack to be handed out, or to see them line up quickly but not to care about being first! Patience really is a virtue.


The ability to learn how to control what we do with our hands and what we say with our words is an extraordinary concept. We teach littles how to understand they are in control of their thoughts and actions. This empowers them to want to learn and become great team players, great thinkers and great people who care about others!


We LOVE this core value. We all make mistakes!! Forgiveness for each other and for ourselves makes learning Way More Productive! To truly understand what the concept of forgiveness is at an early age will impact a person’s life forever.


Your child will learn how to raise their hand, wait to be called upon, how to take care of of their meal space and return dishes. Kiddos are also learning manners at the table such as chewing with their mouth closed, saying “excuse me from the table” as well as how to ask for help when needed calmly and with confidence.

See what parents are saying about Tiny Tikes Daycare


“The best most caring place💕 they have huge hearts and take great care of the kiddos!”

Holly Archer


“Betsy and her team takes good care of my daughter. They’re very flexible and accommodating. I highly recommend this daycare. 👍😊”

Robard Abraham


“They are absolutely amazing and my son loves this daycare! It’s so important to have a daycare that’s safe and follows state guidelines. It’s like a family and I’m so happy my son has so many friends now and I’ve gained some amazing friends with the other parents whose children attend. The staff is absolutely amazing I truly and honestly recommend Betsy and her business to anyone looking for a daycare center in the local area.”

Erin Leighton